Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Life is a story, tell yours.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ghost Busters

A spark in the dark, a hope in your heart, a sureness of spirit and strength of a thankful mind can protect you! Shine a light on the ghostly creatures in the corner! Beat them back with your brightness! Be brave! Be bold! Be creative! Fill the void with dreams of things to come, with determination, with love and knowledge! Look upon them and be afraid no longer! What can a ghost do but talk, but whisper? What power does a ghost have that you don't give it? What would they become if you didn't listen? None. Not the slightest bit. Nothing. You are you, and that is all you have to be. You are the best you there is, not a single other person out there has the same combination of things that make up you. You are unique and one of a kind! You are special in a way that only YOU can be. If you ever find yourself in the dark my friend, I will always let you borrow my flashlight.


They exist right there on the edge of you just far enough out that you can't always see them. You feel them though, haunting you. Past reflections of things gone wrong, changes you wish you could make, chances you wish you had taken, broken hopes and fallen dreams. Personal ghosts whispering siren songs in your ear. Disturbingly present and persistent at all times, growing louder and more fierce with every doubt. They lead you off course with a pull so strong you almost don't even realize it has happened until it's too late and you are headed over the cliff into the jagged rocks below. They twist and turn everything inside you, mutate it until confidence becomes arrogance, nobility becomes selfishness, aspirations become impossibilities, mistakes become regrets, anticipation becomes fear and hopes turn bitter and sour, until the you that once was becomes.... haunted.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Understand is such a common place word these days, but somehow I think it has lost a bit of it's meaning. It used to be a term of sympathy, of empathy really, to understand was to appreciate another point of view, to see a situation through the eyes of another. Now to understand is a dismissive word people use when what they really mean is I don't want to listen anymore, but that seems too harsh to say out loud. I understand means, I have reasoned a way to line up and box in your perspective so it fits within mine. While those two things may feel the same, they aren't. I guess that's why when you say I understand, it just isn't as comforting as it once was.