Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Blind Hope

There is no neon light, no green indicator, no buzzer that sounds or clouds that part and shine down heavenly light. I won't be wearing a sign saying "Me! I'm the one! I'm super special!" when you meet me. Though my dazzle may take time to find, it is there. Like a good book well worn and re-read, the deeper you look the better I get, but you have to take the time to learn the story. If you do not see me, the failure of sight is in you, I am still here regardless. The lack of your being able to find my allure, does not change it's existence.  You can disapprove all you like, but I'm waiting for the heart that learns my beat, and I refuse to settle for anything less.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Say Cheese

In daily life, in passing, the smile does not receive a great deal of contemplation or fret. To a person with happiness to spare, a smile is a sign of the feelings bubbling up inside them. To a person with deep sorrow a smile is a hope for a better tomorrow. To a person in an uncomfortable situation a smile is a way to deflect the incoming uncertainty. Much of the time, a smile is no more than an extension of the feelings happening inside a person. A smile is, and nothing more, except when it isn't. A missing smile is where all the attention about smiles occur. Once a smile goes missing, people big and little will do all kinds of things to get it back. So really, the most important part of a smile is that it exists. :)