Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear You, It's Me, Don't Worry.

Please don't be alarmed, I know this is may sound a little strange but I have a message for you from the future. I just want you to know I'm out here somewhere. Don't be discouraged we haven't found each other yet, we will. The universe made you for me, that's why you don't fit with anyone else. You are already taken. I'm sorry it manifests itself in hurtful ways sometimes. When they look at you they know, you simply don't belong to them. Any of the things making you feel insecure or silly will disappear when we're together, those things will be what I love most about you. Any reason they had for not choosing you will seem stupid to me. I will look at you and see every special thing they overlooked. We are going to love each other so much. Our friends will make faces at how cute we are. We are going to make jealous every person who passed you up, they will each regret missing out on you. We are going to fill photo album after photo album with perfect memories. I know it's difficult and lonely right now but don't lose hope. I love you. We are going to be so happy, you have no idea.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Nothing.

Any of my time spent on you is wasted. It sounds harsh, I don't mean it to, this is simply the reality of things now. You don't realize yet that the chance you wasted wasn't your second, it was your last, but you will. I took great care in choosing each and every word I said aloud to mean exactly what I had inside. You can spin me promises of importance, of great meaning and change. Yours are just words though, you back them up with nothing, not even the courage of your convictions. You lack even enough respect for me to assume I mean what I say. You show my words so little value I wonder you heard them at all. Still, I forgive you. I'm not angry. I have nothing left to give you, and so I'm no longer worried about what it takes.