Sunday, October 2, 2011

When The Light Goes Out

I am sorry my darling, that you find life so hard today. I know when you feel like this there is not much I can say to change it. I know you feel like you are standing all alone in the dark. Just remember, everything there in the light is still there in the dark. I know you can't see it, I know while being hidden from you everything feels as though it has gone. It hasn't, I'm still here, everything is still here. When again the light comes on you will find all the important things just as you left them. I'll hold your hand in the dark, that way even if you can't see me, you won't feel alone.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I know it all seems so sad to you. I know when you look in from the outside you see a sad wisp of a person struggling to get by. I am not so broken as this, I find beauty everywhere, including myself. I think you misunderstand, when I say I'm sad, or things are hard, I don't mean I'm giving up. This is not a white flag of surrender, it is a battle cry. When I say this hurts so badly I think I may die, what I mean is, I will find a way out if it kills me.