Monday, June 7, 2010

In Retrospect

Sometimes I look back and realize how different it was, not for the worse, but for the better. I re-read the letters you sent, and relive the times we shared and I realize just how special and amazing it all really was. I'm lucky, though in the end things didn't work out, I had something very special and uncommon in you, a real love. I wish I had behaved better, been nicer, been so much less consumed by my fears. I don't wish things were different now, because I know you are happy, and really that is all I ever wanted. I know what being loved feels like, you taught me. I made many mistakes in my time, but none ever so big as taking you for granted. So if you wonder sometimes if I'm ok and happy, I am. I take great comfort knowing it is possible for someone to love me with all of their heart, it's something I never believed before you.

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