Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Proposal

Dear Future Husband,
              I promise to love you with one hundred percent of my heart. I promise to always try and make you happy. I promise to love you just as you are and not try to make you anything else. I promise to love every unique part of you, and to cultivate your youness whenever I can. I promise to be your best friend and to share my heart with you. I promise I won't need the world or the sun or the moon to be brought down and given to me as a gift, I won't need a lot of money, I won't need a fancy car, I will only need your love and happiness to foster mine. I promise to keep looking for you until I find you. I promise not to lose hope that you are out there somewhere and I will find you some day. I promise I'm out here, waiting to find you too.

      Your Future Wife. 

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