Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It seems that you are always searching, and while I applaud your enthusiasm for new and more and different and better, I think you are losing something in the process. I don't doubt the reality of more and new and better and different, but isn't there also some value in old and less and consistency and what you already have right in front of you? Do you miss the great things in front of you (and behind you) because you are too busy looking past them to what is next, to some incredible ideal? Is it so wrong to be satisfied? Is it really so dangerous to be happy with what you have? I just don't understand how you will ever be in a place to appreciate what you have if you are always waiting to see if something better comes along, worried you are missing out. How can anyone or anything ever be made to feel special under those circumstances? And how can anything survive without ever being made to feel remarkable?

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