Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Parts Make Up A Whole

Memory is cruel and brutal at times, a thing lost, a grief incurred, a heart broken, a trust betrayed, a disappointment endured, a longing unrequited can quite often upon remembrance bring as much pain as the thing itself had at the time it occurred. The pangs of regret can stretch a moment out so far it feels impossible it ever was but a moment, and now seems to be an eternity, a lifetime to pass either since or before it's end. While painful in it's time a sorrow more than anything shapes the person you are, and are to become. Mourn the death of the innocence lost of the version you were before, and feel comfortable in looking back. Memories fade, as do scars, cuts heal and broken hearts mend. Forgive your memories the pain they cause, and forgive yourself the mistakes they represent. Take each unhappiness and hard stroke of fate and let it shape you rather than break you. Turn your memories from brutal and cruel and forge them into tools, let them help you build your character. Love all the parts of you, cherish the best, embrace the sad, calm the spiteful, soften the angry, and forgive the rest. Each part makes up the whole of you, and that above all else is precious, more so than any regret could possibly be.

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